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Become PrimeGold Dealer

How it works:

Area Target -> Dealer Scanning -> Dealer Agreement -> Dealer Policy -> Dispatch Start


Who Can Be a Dealer?

  • Shop Area of 1000 Square Feet
  • visibility/location-Easily Accessible
  • Investment of 10 Lacs
  • Full time involvement to sit a shop

Benefits, Features, and Advantages of Primegold Dealership


Unique Ribs DesignUnique Product to attract customersIncrease customer increase sale
National Brand with own 4 Plants & 6 Franchisee PlantContinue supply without delay in DispatchNo loss of sales because of empty stock
One Dealer PolicyNo 2nd dealer in same areaBeing no competition, earn premium margin
Transparency with DealerDaily rate and all discount scheme direct to dealerAll benefit in your pocket
Joint Venture with SAILNo compromise in latest technology and quality0% rick customer complaint
National Publicity CampaignNational & Local media publicity and brand Awarenessprimegold is a renowned company so easily sale the product
Dealer Focused Brand CompanyComplain/problem immediate short outDealer can fully believer in company
PrimeGold ParivarPrimegold organize every tour scheme and get togetherYou get an opportunity to have a part of family members of primegold

Become Primegold Distributor

How it works:

Area Finalise –>Distributor Target–>Distributor Agreement–>Policy finalize–>Dealer–>Appointment–>Dispatch Star

Distributor Benefits

  • Maximum Return on Investment
  • Investment with Primegold is safe
  • Primegold Support in making Dealer Network
  • Primegold support by publicity
  • Regular supply by own and franchisee unit
  • Transparency in rates & adequate margin.

Manufacturing of TMT Bars in Primegold

  • Primegold is the leading producer of TMT bars and we provide you with the best and strongest TMT Bars with the refined process which includes: 

    • Mining 
    • Blast furnace
    • Purification
    • Billets 
    • Rolling Mill
    • Tmt Bundle

Apply For Dealership / Distributorship