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Cement Process​

Explore the transformation of raw materials into the foundation of modern construction.


Limestone, the primary ingredient for cement, is quarried from large open-pit mines. Other crucial materials like clay or shale may also be extracted.

JCB Machine

 JCB machines (excavators and loaders) are used to handle the mined raw materials and load them onto trucks for transport to the cement plant.

Crushing Machine

Large crushers break down the limestone and other raw materials into smaller, manageable sizes. This prepares the materials for the grinding process.


The crushed raw materials are blended in precise proportions and fed into a rotating kiln. Inside the kiln, intense heat (around 1450°C) causes chemical reactions that form clinker, the hard, pebble-like intermediate product in cement making.

Ball Mill

Clinker, along with gypsum (a setting regulator), is finely ground in a large rotating ball mill. This process creates the powdery substance we recognize as cement.