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Cost saving Tips while buying TMT Bars

TMT bars play a crucial role in the construction industry. They are used in the construction of houses, multi-storied buildings, and several engineering structures. TMT bars not only ensure high permanence but also enhance the persistence of the building structure. TMT bar strengthens the building by enabling to withstand stress. Thermo –mechanically treated TMT bars are mostly used in construction projects. They are used to construct buildings, flyovers, dams another kind of structures which will bear weights of people and other massive things. TMT bars being the epitome of strength of all the structures which are capable of holding heavy loads. When it comes to building residential structures, the brand matters as much as features and cost.

Talking about the price factor, any product selling in the Indian market has to assess in such a manner, which can attract customer. TMT steel bars are sold in tones or Kgs. The price of TMT bars fluctuate daily, so one really has to keep an eye.  When it is about buying the best TMT bars at a reasonable price, one should see what Prime Gold Ltd is doing. Prime gold International Limited is one of the foremost manufactures and an adroit runner in the steel industry in India providing to the world superior quality construction related products. High rise in demand for TMT bars has been observed in the past decade which has contributed to the success of Prime Gold International in the construction industry.

If you are looking forward to buying TMT bars, do keep the following points in mind.


TMT bars are available in three grades, and one should be very careful when purchasing these. TMT bars that are of higher grade are more stronger than the bars of lower grades which make them very suitable to be used in the construction of the core of a structure i.e floors and roofs. Similarly, TMT bars of lower grade value can be used for building railings of the balcony or for constructing any decorating structures.

Make sure to check if the bars that you are planning to buy are flexible such that it will be able to endure stress and pressure that comes with time. If the TMT bars that you are buying is of high quality, you can rest assured that it will not develop any cracks even when they are made to bend at 90 degrees.


When purchasing TMT bars, ask the seller the elongating capability of the TMT bars as this will help you understand the ductility. More the elongating capacity, the more they would last which means you will end up saving more on construction.

As because TMT bars are exposed to a lot of moisture at the time of construction, it is very important to ensure that these are corrosion free


Last but not least, make sure to check if the TMT bars have the manufacturers seal is present on every meter.  Next thing that you should be checking is if the bars look rusty and if the length of each bar is the same.