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Tips to Keep Your Home Cool During Summer

In India, the summer season begins in March and lasts till July, and in most parts of India, this time is the hottest time of the year. Between May and June sun the weather goes upto to degrees. Everybody tries various things to feel cool and relaxed. 

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If you are planning to make your dream home and looking for insightful suggestions, or your search engine is loaded with how to make your home cool during summers, this blog is for you.

Here we have shared some effective points that will address your concern and let you be relaxed. So let’s explore…

Tips for Summer

You really want to do two fundamental measures to decrease the impact of this scorching heat during summer. Airing and insulation are two crucial things you want to consider while building your home. 

Here we will talk about a couple of things that will assist you with diminishing the impact of summer at your home.


  • Insulation to stay away from the heat during Summer.

Like rooftops, doors, windows, walls, each conjunction and even you should use quality cement so as all things are exceptional to prevent heat. The airtight framework assists with avoiding the heat outside from getting it inside.

A similar technique assists with keeping your home warm during winter. Windows, entrance, or any part of your home exposed to warmth should be covered with shutters/curtains/blinds, and so forth. In any case, it engages heat, and your home rapidly transforms into a warming broiler.


  • Air Circulation for Cooling

After the sunset, a delicate breeze can calm the inner climate at home. It is vital to plan the windows in such a manner so that cross ventilation should be possible.

This late evening cooling framework is generally embraced overall and is known as free cooling. This cooling system enjoys another benefit – it lessens your electricity bill by decreasing the use of Air Conditioning; consequently, it is one more method for adding to our current circumstances.

Moreover, opening a window in the basement (if you make them open), the main entrance, and the rooftop window. Color of the home wall paints also play a vital role in this process. And you know what, if you follow this process, it will assist you in keeping your home cool from top to bottom.

Throughout the summers, rooms underneath the rooftop ingest more heat, causing the temperature to rise.

Heat assimilation lessens astoundingly before the mid-year shows up, assuming you whitewash the patio floor. The sun’s rays returned while it fell on the rooftop, and it is known as the Albedo impact. This technique assists with diminishing the temperature by up to 4 degrees.

So these are some main tips that experts suggest when planning to make your home. But…

What to do if you have already made your dream home and facing a warm environment in your home in the summers?

To help you more, here we have curated a list of some more tips that can help you to make the place cooler in the summers. Continue reading…


Lessen the heat inside:

  • Always keep your roof insulated if the rooms are right under your rooftops.
  • Legitimate insulation on the wall will shield your home from heat and cold.
  • Another great thing that would help you is reducing the use of Gas and oven unnecessarily; all these produce heat, which may result in a hotter environment. 
  • Always keep the doors shut during the daytime; it will let your rooms be cooler.
  • Plug out all the devices when they are not in use. These gadgets generate heat if the power sources are on.


Final Tips to Keep your Home Cool During Summer

So, these are some of the essential tips that will help you make your home a cooler place in the summers. All the tips mentioned here are tried and tested and will give you a relaxing feeling. If you are planning to make your dream home or renovate, these evergreen tips will help you a lot.

Furthermore, if you are looking for more details on keeping your home cooler in summer, you can reach out to our experts. They will assist you according to the availability of the stuff you have. If your hands are tight on budget, they can also help you make your place cooler in hot weather.

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