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Become Prime Gold TMT Bars Authorized Dealer/Distributor and Enjoy benefits

In the construction industry, TMT Bars are one of the most commonly used product and has huge demand. These bars are manufactured through a metallurgical process known as thermo-mechanical treatment and have some impressive advantages which make it so popular in the construction industry.

Qualities of Prime Gold TMT Bars

  1. Fire Resistant: Prime Gold  TMT Bars are completely resistant to fire and are able to withstand temperature up to 400°C to 600°C.
  2. Ductile and Bendable:Our TMT bars are very high ductility which makes it very easy to bend these as per the need. This, in turn, helps in reducing the time spent in fabrication and construction by allowing to create pre-welded meshes.
  3. Earthquake-resistant: Our TMT bars have a tough outer core and a soft inner core that helps them to withstand tremors of earthquakes.
  4. Strong Bonding Capacity: The unique rib like the design on these TMT bars increases its bonding strength between the bars and the concrete.
  5. Corrosion-resistant: Prime Gold TMT bars are extremely resistant to corrosion and are very efficient to withstand the ability to withstand the formation of rough carbides. These carbides are responsible for the corrosion of an untreated bar.


Being the top leading manufacturers in the steel industry in India, Prime Gold International Limited is famous for providing high-quality TMT bars all across the nation at the best price. Superior quality reinforcement bars manufactured by Prime Gold have unique rib patterns that ensure superior strength and ductility thus matching the International quality standards.


Prime Gold have a team of dedicated professionals who are highly responsible carefully monitor the manufacturing process to ensure that no compromise whatsoever is made with the quality. Our highly experienced and dedicated team of engineering and technical team and metallurgists are kept looking for better ways to ensure high-quality products, which are cost effective as well.

Benefits of being a Prime Gold Dealer

  • High Product Quality:  Prime Gold TMT Bars have a reputation of consistently manufacturing best quality TMT bars. Prime Gold TMT Bars offer better resistance to corrosion and high temperatures, reduced construction time, consistent properties, and high ductility.
  • Fast Delivery: Fast and efficient material delivery is our USP. We understand the mindset and urgency of the distributors, hence we provide seamless and timely delivery to them.
  • Round the year availability: We ensure that our TMT Bars are available throughout the year, this means that our customers can step into our distributor shop and will never leave empty-handed.
  • Fair Business Practices: We deal fairly with our distributors and fulfill all order commitment at the agreed upon rates, rates fixed at the time of placement of order.
  • Strong relation oriented culture: We believe that a strong relationship that is sure to benefit the company as well as the distributor thus creating a positive relationship through which each is able to expand their business.
  • Sales Support: Our managers provide potential leads to the distributors and also provide complete assistance as and when required helping them to grow their business.
  • Marketing Support: We are involved in full-fledged marketing activities in print media, radio, wall paintings etc that helps in generating quality leads for each of our distributors.

To sum up, we can say that by enrolling to be a TMT bar dealer with Prime Gold you can be rest assured to grow along with the company with its quality assistance and services.