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Features and Applications

Manufacturing Grade

Primegold provides four grades of these steel bars: Fe-500, Fe-550, Fe-550D and Fe-600 (numbers represents the yield stress). TMT bars with a higher grade provide better quality and higher strength, making them suitable for large RCC structures such as roofs and floors. Balconies, fencing, and other decorative structures can all benefit from lower grade steel bars.

 TMT bars are usually available in four grades in India. The yield stress is represented by the numbers Fe-450, Fe-500, Fe-550, and Fe-600. TMT steel bars manufactured with the best quality steel with higher yield stress (the highest grade) provide better quality and strength, resulting in a longer-lasting structure.

Lower-grade TMT bars are suitable for balconies, fencing, and other decorative structures, while higher-grade TMT steel bars (TMT Saria) are suitable for large RCC constructions such as roofs and floors.

Flexibility and Bending Capacity of the Bards

Primegold steel bars are extremely flexible and bendable throughout their entire length. They can be moulded into any shape during construction by bending them up to a certain extent due to their flexibility, ensuring a modern living style.

TMT bars contain a lower percentage of carbon, which aids in achieving a high bending capacity. These bars are constructed in such a way that they have increased elasticity, allowing them to bend and re-bend with ease. They can be moulded into different shapes by bending them up to any extent due to their flexibility, ensuring a modern living style.

Elongation Property

Our TMT bars provide high flexibility and earthquake resistance due to their favourable elongation and consistent property with much higher limits. These steel bars can actually elongate up to 18% longer than their original length without compromising the measurements, which saves money on construction making them the best TMT bar for construction.

Because of its elongation property, these best quality construction rods are completely earthquake resistant. There is a hard outer layer and a soft inner core to these steel bars. The outer layers of these bars are hard, with a softer inner core that helps to strengthen the structure and protect it from all types of natural disasters. This also means that these bars can absorb a lot of the energy that is released during disasters such as earthquakes. In fact, it can elongate up to 50% longer than its original length without compromising the measurements, saving time and money in the process.

Resistance To Corrosion And Rust Free

Our TMT bars can be used in constructions where they will come into contact with water, such as plumbing areas, sanitary ware, salinity in groundwater, sewage drains, and so on, due to their corrosion resistance and moisture-resistant properties.

As our steel rods are treated with a corrosion-resistant chemical during the manufacturing process, these TMT Bars are also corrosion-resistant. This is one of the most important properties to have because these steel bars may be exposed to water for long periods of time during construction and will not rust due to its non-corrosive property.

Thermal Resistance

Our TMT bars’ thermal resistance properties allow them to withstand any type of fire hazard while maintaining their strength due to their ability to withstand high temperatures.

TMT bars’ thermal resistance properties allow them to withstand any type of fire hazard because they can withstand a high degree of heat. These steel bars are known for their high thermal stability, which allows them to withstand high temperatures. These TMT steel bars can withstand temperatures of up to 600 degrees Celsius, which can be very useful in the event of a disaster, as fire safety is one of the main concerns for engineers and residents alike.

Ductile Nature

TMT Bars are more ductile in nature and are come in a choice of grades. TMT steel bars are stronger and more resilient than other types of reinforcement bars. The higher the grade, the more power they possess. One of the reasons why large construction projects look for high-grade TMT steel bars for building structures is this.



Steel reinforcement bars (TMT Saria) are an excellent choice for today’s construction projects. TMT Steel Bar has a variety of properties, including Yield Strength, Highly Ductile, Earthquake Resistance, Corrosion Resistance, and Fire Resistance.

Thermex Cooling Technology is used to create high-quality TMT rods. These bars are made using two processes: curing and self tempering. As a result, the cores become ferrite and crystalline, with a martensite outer surface that is highly flexible and solid. This is not a parallel pairing. TMT steel bars become extremely bendable due to their exceptional Yield Tensile properties.

These rods are ribbed for added strength. It evenly distributes the weight across the TMT bar. The ribs improve the grip on the concrete. During the construction process, it reduces the risk of sliding. The use of the TMT Bar helps a structure last longer. Maintenance requirements are slightly reduced due to the high weldability and adhesion, resulting in cost reduction.


Reinforced Ribbed Bars

  • Double rows of crossing ribs are used in Reinforced Steel Bars. It is evenly dispersed along the length and enables efficient concrete bonding.
  • Nominal Cross-sectional Area
  • A cross-sectional zone that is similar in size to the area of a round bar of the same nominal diameter.
  • Longitudinal Rib
  • It has a constant and regular distension that corresponds to the steel-reinforced bars vertical.
  • Rib Transverse
  • It is a rib on the TMT steel bars exterior that isn’t a longitudinal rib

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