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With growing national concern about the strength and endurance of high rise buildings and huge architectures in our nation after the recent calamities, it has become even more essential to provide the best in real estate sector. We have been pioneers in delivering the best and highest quality TMT, Cement and other products in all these years. However, to respect and value the trust of our patrons, we have added the reliance of SAIL and have become a Joint Venture’ in order to ensure quality of steel produced is not only promised in terms of mere words but a brand as well. Together with our skilled team, we aim to give the future of nation a concrete foundation. This is why we have come up with a strong solution for the infrastructure of the country by developing PRIME GOLD-SAIL as a brand that can be rightly called as INDIA KI BACKBONE!!!


  1. Primegold & SAIL entered into a joint venture set up Steel Plant in Gwalior, MP
  2. Primegold 74% SAIL 26% stake in this unit, will product 1 lakh ton of world class TMT to caters need of Rural India.
  3. The JVC will supply 60,000 tones TMT annually to SAIL and balance quantity marketed by Primegold-SAIL JVC Ltd.
  4. The Unit has adopted SAIL technology to produce the TMT which goes through third party inspection before dispatch.
  5. Currently the TMT produce from the unit is available in the state of MP, UP, Rajasthan, Haryana & Delhi.

Technical Specifications

Mechanical Properties
 Grade Fe-500DGrade Fe-550D
Proof Stress550 mpa575 mpa
Tensile Strength600 mpa635 mpa
Elogation14.5% min18%
UTS/YS Ratio1.081.10
Chemical Composition (%):INDIA (IS:1786)PRIMEGOLD-SAIL TMT
Carbon0.25 Max0.17-0.23 Max
Sulphur0.040 Max0.030 Max
Phosphorous0.040 Max0.030 Max
S+P0.075 Max0.060 Max
CE0.61 Max0.51 M

Product Specifications

Grades550 and 550D
Diameter8, 10, 12, 16, 20, 25, 28 & 3

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