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Don’t Buy TMT Steel Bars Without Checking These 5 Important Criteria

TMT bars are Thermo-mechanically treated bars which are extensively used in different types of civil construction projects. They are used for constructing residential buildings, high-rise commercial buildings, bridges, dams, flyovers etc that bear the weight of people and other massive things. TMT bars being the main strengths of all the structures they should be capable of withstanding the heavy sizes for longer duration. When it comes to the selection of TMT bars which assures best quality and long life one should check few criteria which are as follows

1. Always check for chemical composition of the bars which will be mentioned under specifications of the bars.

The percentage of carbon material used is very important as it would cause corrosion and which will reduce the life of building. The percentage of carbon should not be more than 0.25.

2. Check for corrosion free bars while you buying. Always go for the rust free TMT bars.

TMT bars are most likely to use in the construction which deals with the water every day in our lives. TMT bars should be rust resistant to ensure a long life cycle of the constructions. You can check the carbon percentage to ensure corrosion free property.

3.Check for the Grades of the bars which represent the strength of the bars

TMT bars are generally available in different Grades- Fe415, Fe415D, Fe500, Fe500D, Fe550, Fe550D, and Fe600. Here Fe indicates the yield stress in Newton per square millimeter.

Higher grades comes with better quality and strength and are used for large RCC constructions and lower grade ones are used for constructing balcony, fencing and other decorative structures. Depending on the construction you can choose the bars with respective grades.

4.Never go without Checking the certifications that they carry

Check whether the steel bars you buy qualifies a national or international certification like ASTM A706, JIS G3112, BS4449, ASTM A615, JIS G3109 and IS 432 (Mild Steel Bar), IS 1786 (High Strength Deformed Steel Bar) etc. The certification assures the better quality and so the longer lasting.

5.And of course check for the brand and price they offer.

Always use the popular brand that have more positive reviews of both sellers and buyers. Different brands may produce a different quality bars. It is advisable to use the brand that is government-approved and ISI certified. You can ask civil engineers or structural consultants for the suggestions.TMT bars are usually sold per kg or ton. Price of the bars varies from Rs 30 to Rs 60 per kg.

In addition to these criteria bars should be thermal and earthquake resistant with right bending and elongation properties to have long life constructions.

One such brand that goes good with all the aspects that a TMT bar should possess for an extended life of the structures is PRIMEGOLD TMT bars. TMT bars manufacture with latest hightech manufacturing unit technologies because with experienced and dedicated teams to show the products.the prime gold is striving to become top selling manufactures with the best quality goods in the global market.