Thermo-Mechanically treated bars are often referred to as TMT Bars. These are high strength reinforcement bars that have a very tough outer and a delicate inner core. These bars are made from steel and possess qualities that made them most apt to be used for construction projects.

Reasons why Prime Gold’s TMT Bars are most preferred:

  • Latest technology – Prime Gold TMT bars are manufactured through latest Temp-core technology. This ensures that the TMT bars are durable for a longer period of time.
  • Unique Design – Prime Gold TMT Bars have a special unique rib design that ensures the quality of these bars
  • Earthquake Resistant – Prime Gold TMT Bars are specially designed so as to make them earthquake proof. These have a high elongation point that helps them in elongating in crisis situations without actually compromising on the actual measurement or the quality. This property of Prime Gold TMT bars makes them a perfect resource to be used in earthquake prone areas.
  • Superior Bendability – Bendability refers to the elasticity property of TMT Bars. Prime Gold TMT bars are specially designed to ensure a great degree of elasticity to each of these bars and this gives them superior bendability.
  • Resistance to Corrosion – TMT bars are often exposed to moisture for a very long period and hence Prime Gold TMT bars are manufactured them in a way that ensures them to be resistant to rust and corrosion. This anti-corrosive property of these bars help in extending the lifespan of these bars.

Price of TMT bars in Bangalore

Price is subjective to the quality and quantity of order. However due to bulk manufacturing along with strong network of dealers and distributors helps Prime Gold to deliver supreme quality products to their clients at a very competitive rate.

Prime Gold have a reputation of offering the strongest and long life TMT Bars. They have segregated the TMT Bars into grades – Fe-415, Fe-500, Fe-550, and Fe-600 (the numbers refer to the yield stress of each of the bars). Higher the grade; better the quality. Therefore, bars with higher grade are used for RCC constructions i.e constriction of roofs and floors.  Lower grade bars on the other hand are used for construction in the balcony, fencing etc.

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