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What makes TMT Bars the best? Best Quality TMT Bars

Qualities of TMT Bars

Thermo Mechanically Treated Bars aka, the best quality TMT Bars, have a tough outer and a soft inner core and are the number 1 choice of civil engineers when it comes to strengthening concrete structures. Its demand has left behind steel bars because of its high strength, earthquake resistance, and flexibility.


Quality TMT bars are one of the most important structures that one has to choose when one decides to invest in a property because it will be deciding how long and strong their property remains. It’s important to check that one is ticking off all the points from the list before buying TMT Bars/TMT Saria for their house. 


Here is a list of Qualities of TMT Bars. Read till the end:



  • Strength

TMT Bars possess unbeatable strength due to deformation and patterns on their surface that help them bind better with the cement and give extraordinary strength. 


  • Bendability

Owing to their elastic properties, TMT Steel Bars have exceptional bendability which allows them to mold into any desired structure during the project, thus making them the most desired structure to work with. 


  • Weldability

TMT Bars require no pre-welding or post-welding treatments and also have low carbon ingredients which makes them easy to weld and work with. Architects can use the bars however they like and build strong innovative buildings. 


  • Flexibility

TMT Bars possess extraordinary elastic properties which make them exceptionally flexible, allowing them to endure high temperature and humidity levels. They are so flexible that they bear no cracks even if bent to 180 degrees. 


  • Elongation

TMT Bars can elongate up to 18% more than their original length owing to their soft inner core. It helps the bars to get into the desired shape and build into strong structures.


  • Thermal resistant

TMT Bars / TMT Saria have higher thermal stability allowing them to retain more than 80% of the ambient temperature yield strength at 300°. 


  • Seismic resistant

TMT Bars make a building safe to withstand earthquakes owing to their excellent concrete bond of soft ferrite- pearlite core and reinforcement strength. 


  • Corrosion-resistant

TMT Bars are highly resistant to corrosion, thanks to their exceptional manufacturing process and the chemicals used. They don’t get affected despite staying in contact with water for a long period of time, unlike other bars which get rust. 


One of the most prominent steel industry players since 1984, Prime Gold has been pioneering as the TMT Bars supplier with their excellent strength and customer satisfaction.

We use advanced technology and are one of the largest steel manufacturers providing TMT Bars/TMT Saria at the lowest price. Our qualified experts constantly review the quality and the factors involved in the manufacturing process to meet world-class standards. 


We have three types of TMT Bars:

  • Fe 500 Grade
  • Fe 550 Grade
  • Fe 600 Grade


Gift your buildings a safe and secure future today. Get the best quality TMT Bars from Prime Gold.

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