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Step By Step Guide to Build your Dream House | Building Materials

Planning to build your dream house and looking for some expert tips to construct the one? Here are we…

Prime Gold is here to help you by providing a complete guide. Here, in this blog, our experts have explained the three fundamental steps that will transform a vacant plot into an efficient building site. Continue reading and learn some exciting points to construct your dream home.


Things required to build a perfect durable house

The methods involved with planning a house are highly intense and complex. As it is a significant step liable for making your vision a reality, we have listed some of the main building materials required for a perfect house.


Let’s have a look at them one by one.


TMT Bars

So, the first thing you require is TMT Bars or TMT Sariya. In Civil Engineering, it is also known as Rebar or Reinforcing Bar.


What is TMT Bar?

TMT Bar is the abbreviation of Thermo Mechanically Treated Bars. Basically, it is a high-strength reinforcement bar with a soft inner core and a hard outer core.

These days, folks pick TMT Bars because they give a delicate look. Also, they form a sturdy building. Moreover, using fine-quality products in constructing a building is a perfect idea.


Features of good quality TMT bars

The features of quality TMT Bars are:

  1. High-strength
  2. Robust
  3. Sturdy-Built
  4. Better reinforcement to the concrete structure
  5. Fire-Resistant
  6. Flexible

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Now, after picking the best TMT steel bars, the second most important thing in making a building is Cement.

It is a finely powdered substance used to bind the elements together. To make the structure durable, mix good quality cement.

Moreover, cement is the oldest type of building material that binds sand and other aggregates together.

Limestone has a major role in the manufacturing of cement.


Features of good quality Cement


Any good cement like ours is used to build a structure. Below are some of the properties of good quality cement:

  1. Delicacy
  2. Solidity
  3. Thickness
  4. Resilience
  5. Bulk thickness

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Stainless Steel Pipes

Lastly, the third vital thing in forming a building is SS pipes. As Stainless Steel Pipes are metallic materials, it has incredible corrosion resistance.

Although they are expensive, using good-quality steel pipes is always an ideal choice. Usually, these pipes are utilized as landscape material for internal and external structural members.


Features of good quality Stainless Steel Pipes

As stainless pipes are getting popular these days, here are some of the main features of SS Pipes.

  1. Rust-Proof
  2. Corrosion-resistant
  3. Reduces the burden of the maintenance
  4. Flexible in nature
  5. Easily welded
  6. Low maintenance
  7. Used in modern Construction



So, these were some of the three fundamental things that play a vital role in forming a dream house. All these three main elements can help your house give a sturdy and luxurious look if you make a good quality choice that also fits your budget.

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Furthermore, to get to know more details about building your dream house, you can reach out to us. We are here to help you with all the required information to help you make your dream house.

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