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Best Water Pipes | Types Of Water Plumbing in India

Since plumbing was first invented, the material utilized for piping has been a significant variable. Earlier, in the ancient world, lead and clay piping were used to transmit water to homes and public structures.

Materials like cast iron, terra-cotta, copper, and galvanized steel were used in the 20th century, when plumbing began to move into homes in the U.S. Lead piping was common and was the material of choice for plumbing pipes until World War II.

If in any case, you are looking for the best water plumbing solution for your construction process, this blog will help you know the kinds of water pipes and which one you should choose. Let’s dive deeper and know about it…

Types Of Water Plumbing in India

Here are some water plumbing types. Let’s explore and know more about them – 

  • Copper Pipes

Copper pipes are usually utilized in the construction business for refrigerant and water supply in HVAC.

Copper pipes can be made as delicate or rigid copper and offer great reliable connections and corrosion resistance.

The three most regular kinds of copper pipe utilized in private and business construction are Type L, Type K, and Type M.

Benefits of Copper Pipes

A few essential benefits of copper pipes are:

Life span: Copper has been demonstrated to be the most reliable material that can last for 50 years.

Safety: Bacteria can’t flourish in these pipes. So, copper won’t pollute water. Hence it is safe for transmitting drinking water.

Recyclability: When copper pipes are supplanted, they can be reused.

Temperature Resistance: Copper can bear high-temperature changes, including cold and hot water.

With such countless qualities, you might ask why copper isn’t utilized for plumbing for each situation. Copper isn’t generally picked because it has a few cons contrasted with different materials. Demerits of copper pipes are:

Demerits of Copper Pipes

Monetary Cost: The primary barrier is the expense. The worth of copper as a worldwide product has risen in the past few years.

Environmental Cost: Environmentally-cognizant mortgage holders might be worried about how copper mining and manufacturing affect the climate. Even though copper pipes are durable and can be reused, they are not viewed as green items.

  • Steel Pipes

Stainless steel pipes are utilized to convey gas, water, or certain other fluid from one spot to the next under pressure. These pipes are produced using steel sheets.

After making these pipes, they are dunked in a Zinc solution. This activity is known as Galvanizing and is utilized to keep the pipe safe from rusting. The life span of these pipes is 25 years to 50 years.

Steel tubing has various purposes in numerous enterprises, from art to industrial manufacturing. Steel tubing uses steel plumbing, replacing traditional plastic pipes with stainless steel pipes.

At Prime Gold, we use food-grade water pipes that are perfect for household plumbing. We manufacture these pipes by using fine-grade steel material that is perfect for surgical use as well. If you are looking for the best water pipes for your construction project choosing us will give you a sense of satisfaction.

Benefits of Steel Pipes

Low corrosion: SS has a low erosion rate. The metal will hold its sans rust appearance for a long time, even when water is continually inside the tubes.

Engaging appearance: SS pipes are alluring and look modern, smooth, and stylish. 

Solid: SS is solid and will resist harming factors that can demolish different pipes. 

Recyclable: Unlike plastic pipes, steel pipes are 100% recyclable. Whenever the lines are not generally required, they can be broken down into other useable metal pieces in different enterprises.

Solid: Stainless steel pipes will appear the same in 20 years as they do today. 

Demerits of Steel Pipes

Every metal has its demerit, and ss is no exception. Some of the main demerits of this pipe are – high cost, tough to handle sometimes, and challenges in welding. These are some of the demerits of stainless steel pipes.

  • Polyvinyl chloride pipes or PVC Pipe

PVC pipes are regularly utilized as a part of a toilet, sink, or shower drain line. It is a plastic tubing and is perfect for this kind of usage. It protects the water pipe from corrosion and rust better than other pipes. This ability likewise makes PVC pipe quite durable.

PVC pipe is additionally ready to manage high water pressure, and it is why it can likewise act as your home’s main water supply line. PVC pipes also contain a smooth internal covering, which safeguards against dregs development and makes them more impervious to blockages.

Benefits of PVC Pipes

Life span: PVC isn’t liable to rust or erosion, so it can endure for long unless you see any unexpected damage. Indeed, even the most durable metals utilized in plumbing pipes can’t satisfy the remarkable life span of PVC. 

Capacity to Manage Pressure: PVC is utilized for the main supply line that goes to the house since it can deal with high water pressure.

Usability: PVC is very light contrasted with metal pipes, making it simple to ship and work with. It is additionally simple to work with because there is no binding needed to connect pipes.

Minimal expense: PVC is low in cost. It is an exceptionally reasonable choice for plumbing pipes, particularly contrasted with copper.

Demerits of PVC Pipes

While PVC holds a few benefits, it also has several hindrances. Below are some of the cons of PVC Pipes:

Vulnerability to Warping: PVC isn’t prepared to transmit hot water. It is because, like most plastics, heat can make the material twist and melt.

Size: Sizing choices for PVC pipes are limited. Because of the inflexible sizing, it can be an issue at times. Whether your PVC fittings are ideal, fittings used to interface PVC pipes will be bulky and challenging in restricted spaces.

  • PEX Pipes or cross-linked polyethylene piping

PEX alludes to a reasonable plastic tubing usually utilized for water supply lines. Like PVC piping, it controls rust or erosion from filtering into the water.

Experts stay attracted to PEX pipes since they are adaptable and simple to wind through walls, roofs, and unfinished plumbing spaces. Simultaneously, they’re sufficiently able to supply endure the pressures of your water supply.

Likewise, it is a variety coded for hot and cold water, making it manageable and straightforward to distinguish and arrange when at work.

Advantages of PEX Pipes

Convenience: PEX’s adaptability makes it exceptionally simple to install. Whenever joints are required, no patching or sticking is required.

Temperature Resistant: Another significant benefit of PEX over PVC is that it can endure extreme temperatures. It is used for transmitting boiling water and cold water both.

Disadvantages of ABS Pipes

Water Taste and Odor: Some PEX pipes have mainly influenced the taste and smell of drinking water. It is when the water has remained in the pipes for quite a while.

Indoor Application Only: PEX piping can’t be utilized in any outside applications since UV radiation can harm the plastic.

  • Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene or ABS Pipes

ABS pipe is like PVC pipes in nature, however simple to recognize in light of their black tone. It is additionally resilient to cold temperatures. Also, it is prevalently utilized for drain lines and vents.

However, this plumbing pipe is not difficult to install. It can twist when revealed to daylight. ABS pipes are additionally noisier than other plumbing pipes, causing unsettling influences among certain property holders.

Advantages of ABS Pipes

Long-Lasting: ABS is a solid material that isn’t inclined to corrosion or spillage.

Suitable for machine – Perfect to use for devices and car parts.

Disadvantages of ABS Pipes

  • Poor solvent and fatigue resistance.
  • High smoke evolution.

How to Choose the Best Plumbing Pipes?

The best and least demanding method for choosing the right pipes materials for your house is to contact your nearby plumbing proficient. Pipes are vital regarding cost, toughness, carbon impression, and water quality. Since they all have their upsides and downsides, it is hard to decide on suitable plumbing pipes materials without an expert assessment.

Moreover, if you have any inquiries concerning different piping materials or plumbing pipes, get in touch with us. We have a concerned team to help you with the same.

Furthermore, if you are looking for a fine-grade construction material that lasts long and is strong enough to restrict all the impurities and give you the best results, you can reach out to us. We use top-grade material while manufacturing water plumbing pipes.