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TMT Bar Weight: The Significance of 12mm, 16mm, and 8mm


Understanding the weight of TMT (Thermo-Precisely treated) bars is important for ensuring primary respectability and safety in the development industry. This blog explores the nuances of TMT bars that are 12 mm TMT bar weight, 16 mm TMT bar weight, and 8 mm TMT bar weight, providing information on their weight, uses, and importance in development projects with Prime Gold International Limited.

Recognizing the Weight of 12mm TMT Bars

  1. Weight: A 12 mm TMT bar weight varies according to its length and thickness; it typically ranges from 0.89 kg/m to 0.99 kg/m.
  2. Applications: Due to their moderate strength and versatility, 12mm TMT bars are typically used in private development for pillars, segments, and pieces.
  3. Significance: Accurately calculating the weight of a 12 mm TMT bar ensures that the design’s primary strength and consistency with construction standards are met, thereby enhancing its security and lifespan. 

Examining the Weight of 16mm TMT Bars

  1. Weight: A 16 mm TMT bar weight typically ranges from 1.58 kg/m to 1.72 kg/m, depending on the grade and producer information.
  2. Applications: Because of their increased rigidity and load-bearing capacity, 16mm TMT bars are preferred for demanding development projects like skyscraper structures, modern constructions, and scaffolds.
  3. Significance: Accurately estimating the weight of a 16mm TMT bar is essential for designing robust foundational systems capable of withstanding heavy loads and environmental concerns.

Expressing Weight of 8mm TMT Bar

  1. Weight: Of the three mentioned, an 8 mm TMT bar weight has the least variation in weight, ranging from 0.395 kg/m to 0.405 kg/m.
  2. Applications: 8mm TMT bars are used in low-load bearing designs such as fencing, private parcels, and projects with a restricted scope of development.
  3. Significance: Although 8mm TMT bars are lighter, precise weight estimation is essential to maintaining primary honesty and ensuring compliance with safety regulations, particularly in seismic zones.

Introducing Prime Gold TMT Bars

When it comes to development, the foundation of any long-lasting structure is found in the composition of its materials. Present-day development projects are built upon TMT (Thermo-Precisely Treated) bars because they provide unparalleled strength, durability, and flexibility. Prime Gold International Limited is a leading supplier of premium TMT bars and a pioneer in the Indian steel industry. Investigating the world of Primegold TMT bars will help us understand how crucial they are to the formation of sturdy and safe structures.

Unmatched Quality Development

Founded in 1984 by Shri Pradeep Aggarwal, Primegold International Limited is a prime example of a company that guarantees excellence in delivering leading quality development-related goods. Primegold has emerged as a leader in the steel industry, providing cutting edge solutions for housing and foundation projects, driven by the vision to outfit the world with sturdy and safe living environments.

Sturdiness and strength

TMT bars, also known as support bars, play a vital role in strengthening substantial designs by enhancing their resilience and coherence.

Advanced thermo-mechanical treatment technology is used in the production of Primegold TMT bars, ensuring uniformity in composition, superior mechanical qualities, and resistance to seismic activity and consumption. 

Wide Range of Items

TMT bars, concrete, treated steel water lines, and fittings are just a few of the items that Primegold International Limited offers in relation to development. Their entire product line caters specifically to the evolving needs of development projects, providing clients with top-notch resources to construct safe and sensible designs. 

Global Presence and Recognition

Due to their consistent high quality and dependability, Primegold TMT bars have garnered significant respect and recognition in the global market over the long run. Primegold International Limited has expanded its global reach to establish itself as a reliable supplier of development materials, capitalising on the growing interest in steel in the development sector.


Draughtsmen, architects, and development specialists need to know how heavy TMT bars are, especially the 12mm, 16mm, and 8mm variants. Planning robust and sturdy designs suitable for withstanding various ecological and load-bearing challenges requires careful consideration of the weight of TMT bars. Development partners can improve the efficiency, longevity, and well-being of their tasks by understanding the weight characteristics and applications of different TMT bar sizes.

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