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Buy Prime Gold Tmt Bars online from manufacturers at wholesale price

TMT is the abbreviation for “Themo Mechanical treatment” and this refers to way these TMT bars are manufactured. TMTs bars are widely accepted by civil engineers, contractors and government employees due to the properties that it has got to offer that makes them much better than steel bars.

TMT bars are the most important material in the construction industry and are used for building homes, bridges, flyovers, and mostly all civil engineering structure construction.

TMT bars are manufactured through a metallurgical process  that involves compression, forging, rolling etc combined with thermal processes like heating treating, rapid cooling, etc On the other hand, steel bars are the cold rolled mild steel bars that are not only cheap but are very brittle and in unable to withstand high stress.

Purchasing TMT bars directly from the manufactures will help us in cutting down the cost of middlemen which would in turn help us in cutting down the overall cost of construction. Purchasing the TMT bars directly from the manufactures will help us in purchasing these at a much lower wholesale prize. Buying products directly from the manufactures is a win win situation for both manufacturers and buyers as it reduces their dependency on third party for their buying and selling need.

Once you are aware of all the benefits of buying our best quality TMT Bar / TMT Saria directly from wholesale dealers, we have added a button to Prime Gold TMT Bars specification page in the end of this article.

Why Buy Tmt Bars directly from Prime Gold Wholesale Dealers

When planning of buying quality TMT bars from the manufactures, one should first research on top manufacturers in the market, the approx. pricing at which they are offering the bars and the areas at which they would be able to deliver the products. This basic knowledge will play a very significant role in helping us shortlist few top players in the market. Next thing that one should be considering is the reputation of the manufacturer in the market. Understanding what people think of the brand will help you in finalising the manufacturer.

There are many TMT bars manufacturers in the country, and Prime Gold International Limited is popular and widely trusted not only in our country but the across the globe. They are into providing superior quality TMT bars since 1984. Due to bulk manufacturing along with strong network of dealers and distributors helps Prime Gold to deliver supreme quality products to their clients at a very competitive rate. Prime Gold have a reputation of offering the strongest and long life TMT Bars.

They have segregated the TMT Bars into grades – Fe-415, Fe-500, Fe-550, and Fe-600 (the numbers refer to the yield stress of each of the bars). Higher the grade; better the quality. Therefore, bars with higher grade are used for RCC constructions i.e constriction of roofs and floors. Lower grade bars on the other hand are used for construction in the balcony, fencing etc.

Significant Features of Prime Gold Group TMT Bars

  • Pliability and Bending Capability of the TMT Bars helps in moulding them into different shapes
  • Bars have an ability to elongate which in turn make the structure earthquake resistant
  • Corrosion and Rust proof Bars as because they are moisture resistant
  • Thermal Resistance helps the bars to combat fire accidents and maintain their sturdiness and durability
  •  Versatile with manufacturing grades as they are available in 4 different grades each with different stress yield.

The good news is that we are now expanding our market and customers can easily buy prime group products online. There was huge demand for our diverse range of construction products and on request we have now agreed to make this facility available for all of our customers.

Prime gold TMT Bars Specifications

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