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Top 10 Best Steel Companies In India 2023 | Primary Steel

The production of steel is currently ranked as the second-biggest production on the planet. India’s main 10 biggest steel makers delivered around 100 huge metric loads of completed steel, including alloy and non-alloy steel. All the steel producers in India, for the most part, manufacture iron and steel from iron ore and supply different of the nation. In this article, we have listed some of the top steel manufacturers in India.

List of top 10 best steel exporters and manufacturing companies in India:

The top 10 best steel manufacturers & exporters of all the time in India are-

1. Tata Steel Ltd

2. JSW Steel

3. Prime Gold

4. Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL)

5. Bhushan Steel

6. Jindal Steel & Power

7. Essar Steel India Ltd

8. Electrosteel Steel Ltd

9. Rashtriya Ispat Nigam Ltd. (RINL)

10. Hindalco Industries

Now, let’s see in detail why each of these top brands of best steel manufacturing and exporting in India are well-deserved to be on the list.

1. Tata Steel Ltd

Tata Steel is the world’s second-most geologically diversified steelmaker, with a yearly crude steel capacity of 34 million tons every annum. The organization is among those few steel operations that are entirely integrated – from mining to the manufacturing and trading of finished products.

The company works in 26 nations and has a business presence in more than 50 nations with representatives across five continents. 

Moreover, in the year 2018-19, the organization acquired Bhushan Steel Limited. Apart from this, one of the subsidiaries of Tata Steel group acquired the steel business of Usha Martin Limited.

Total Sales: Rs 1,60,769 Cr.
Total Capacity: 34 MnTPA .
Capacity in India: 19.4 MnTPA
Capacity Overseas: 14.6 MnTPA


2. JSW Steel

JSW Steel is a big name in the steel industry. It started in 1982 with a single plant. Today, this great organization is a leading steel manufacturer that provides high-grade steel. Also, the organization is a flagship org of the JSW Group. Today it is one of the fastest developing organizations in India. Apart from this, it has a presence in more than 100 nations.

JSW is the first organization to make high-strength and excellent quality steel items for its auto sections.

With the most extensive item portfolio in steel, the organization is likewise India’s biggest steel manufacturer, delivering to more than 100 nations across five continents.

Total Sales: Rs 84,050 Cr.
Total Capacity: 18 MnTPA.


3. Prime Gold

Prime gold International Limited is a leading manufacturer of steel in the industry. It is among the top brands that produce steel and has a big name in the industry and across the nation. They give top-quality steel products, which is why they are known as the greatest manufacturers of steel.

This incredible organization was established in 1984 by Shri Pradeep Aggarwal with the goal of providing a healthy and secure living for everyone with various construction products such as TMT steel bar, Cement, steel doors, structural steel, and wall paints in 2022. Prime Gold is also one of the top 10 leaders in TMT bar production in India.

Prime Gold is an emerging and leading enterprise with the advanced and latest technology, which promises the world a better today and tomorrow.


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4. Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL)

SAIL is the biggest steel-production organization and one of the best Government steel-making companies in India. In addition to this, it is one of those companies with 7 Maharatna’s of the nation’s Central Public Sector Enterprises.

In India’s eastern and central regions, the organization produces iron and steel at five integrated plants. Apart from this, three unique steel plants are also found here. SAIL also manufactures and sells an extensive range of steel items.

Total Sales: Rs 57,496 Cr.
Total Capacity: 21 MnTPA.


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5. Bhushan Steel

Bhushan Steel is one of the famous top steel organizations in India. As it is India’s most amazing steel producer, it has made its place among the top 10 list today.

This ultimate steel provider in India is now known as India’s best stainless steel supplier. The company’s headquarters is located in New Delhi and was established in 2003.

This greatest steel brand in India has a yearly steel production of more than 5 million metric tons and roughly a yearly turnover of under $2 billion. With their hard work today, Bhushan Steel has 3 manufacturing plants for steel production in India.


6. Jindal Steel & Power

Another company under the top 10 list is Jindal Steel & Power. It is a leading organization that deals in the best steel products and is popularly known as India’s best steel exporter. Among all the top steel companies in India, it has a yearly production capacity of more than 3 million metric tons and around $3 billion in yearly turnovers. Due to the consistent quality of its product, this company has made its place in the top 10 best steel manufacturers in India.

It is one of the top steel providers in India and was established by O P Jindal in 1952. The headquarters of Jindal Steel is located in New Delhi. Today, Naveen Jindal runs the business smoothly and makes his name in the industry.

Total Sales: Rs 39,652 Cr.
Total Capacity: 11 MnTPA.
Capacity in India: 8.6 MnTPA.
Capacity in Oman: 2.4 MnTPA.

7. Essar Steel India Ltd

Essar  Steel is famous because of its high-quality steel products that add value to the building. The company’s motto is to provide top-quality products that give a finished look to the entire building. Until today, the organization has created more than 300 steel grades for various applications.

It covers an extensive segment of industry portions, including auto, shipbuilding, general engineering, hydrocarbon industry, etc.

Steel Plates, Steel Pipes, hot and cold rolled steel, etc., are some of the top products that ESSAR manufactures. This organization is mainly known for its fine products, which are of the best quality.

Total Capacity: 10 MnTPA.
Headquarters: Mumbai.

8. Electrosteel Steel Ltd

Electrosteel Steel is one of the most incredible steel manufacturing organizations in India.

As the leader of presenting Ductile Iron Pipes in India, this organization has set up a good foundation for itself as a worldwide brand that values.

With more than 50 years of experience, the organization satisfies its vision of ‘Conveying life to individuals, safe drinking water with steel pipes for all.’

The organization fulfills its primary vision of the organization, which states, “Carrying life to people.” It provides safe drinking water to all the beings living here.

Total Capacity: 3 MnTPA
Headquarter: Kolkata


9. Rashtriya Ispat Nigam Ltd. (RINL)

For long products, RINL is one of the vital parts of the country.

In 1992 the company was commissioned with a total capacity of 3.0 MTPA of liquid steel. For long products, this great company is known as one of the major players in the country.

The organization finished its ability development to 6.3 in April 2015 and 7.3 MTPA in December 2017. The organization has a partnership with RINMOIL Ferro Alloys Private Limited and International Coal Ventures Limited.

The organization successfully made its place in the top 10 steel manufacturers list with their hard work and determination.

Total Sales: Rs.20844 crore
Total Capacity: 7.3 MnTPA


10. Hindalco Industries

The last one on our bucket list is Hindalco Industries. It is a well-known brand of Aditya Birla Group business that makes aluminum and copper in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

Among the Forbes Global 2000 companies, this organization is ranked 895th. Apart from all this, in 1958, The Aditya Birla Group established the org named ‘Hindustan Aluminum Corporation Limited,’ which is performing great. 

As it provides the best quality of copper and aluminum, it is one of the leading organizations in the steel industry of India.


So, these 10 of the most established Steel organizations in India form the biggest revenue profits in the nation. As the steel business in India is going through new and advanced phases, it is supported by economic resurgence. Also, with the increasing demand in various sectors in India, they produce the best quality of steel and other products to maintain the quality of the product.


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Why Steel?

Now as you already know the steel business and top players in the steel industry, the question arises why steel is so important in the application of construction projects?

Steel is created by blending iron and carbon at a very high temperature that is above 2600 degrees F. The steel and iron industry is the most crucial manufacturing industry.

If you are looking for the best steel manufacturer, you have already landed in the right place; as Prime Gold Steel is durable, affordable, and the best in its quality.

Advantages of steel

Below are some of the main benefits of using steel – 

  • Reliability
  • Lesser Construction Time
  • High Strength
  • Light Weight
  • Greater Erection Speed
  • Uniformity and Durability 
  • Excellent Performance
  • High-Elasticity and Ductility 

Disadvantages of Steel

Every product has pros and cons, so now that we have learned about the pros, let’s get aware of the demerits of steel as well-

  • High Maintenance Costs And More Corrosion
  • Fireproofing Prices
  • Greater chances of buckling
  • Higher Initial Cost
  • Less-Availability

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FAQs Around Best Steel & Companies

  •  What are the factors that determine the ranking of the top 10 best steel manufacturers and exporters in India?

 Several parameters, including production capacity, product quality, market share, revenue, client contentment, and innovation, are used to rank the top 10 steel producers and exporters in India.

  •  What is Prime Gold, and why is it mentioned in the blog topic?

Prime Gold is a leading manufacturer and exporter of TMT bars, wire rods, and other steel products in India. It is mentioned in the blog topic as one of the top steel companies in India.

  •  What are the types of steel products that the top 10 steel companies in India manufacture and export?

The top 10 steel companies in India manufacture and export various types of steel products, such as TMT bars, wire rods, steel pipes, steel plates etc.

  •  What role does the steel sector have in India’s economy?

 One of India’s major economic sectors, the steel industry generates millions of jobs while making a sizable contribution to the country’s GDP. It is also essential to the growth of the infrastructure, building, car, and other sectors.

  • What are the benefits of using Prime Gold steel products?

The benefits of using Prime Gold steel products include high strength, durability, corrosion resistance, and ease of use. The products are also affordable and readily available.