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What is the manufacturing process of TMT steel rebars?

TMT stands for the Thermo-mechanically treated bars which are prepared using a unique
metallurgical process called as Thermo-mechanical-treatment. TMT bars are widely used
as reinforcement bars in different kinds of civil construction projects. They are used for

residential buildings, high-rise commercial buildings, bridges, dams, flyovers and other
kind of structures that bear the weights of people and other massive things. TMT bars
being the main strength of all the structures they are capable of withstanding the heavy

loads for longer duration.
They are manufactured using the latest tempcore technology. Manufacturing process
involves the hot rolled steel bars which are passed through specially designed water-
cooling system that makes the outer surface of the bar colder but inner core remains hot.
Generally TMT bars are hot-rolled from steel billets, where heated iron billets
continuously pass through the rollers of decreasing diameter. After they are taken out of
the last rolling mill bars are water cooled by subjecting it to Tempcore Water Cooling
System in a microcontroller controlled quenching chamber. This sudden quenching
makes the outer surface of the bar colder while inner core remains hot.
The hard surface helps to keep the bar corrosion resistant and the core being soft helps
the bar attain ductility ensuring flexibility and bendability.TMT bars with their rib
patterns enhance the bond between steel and concrete resulting much stronger
TMT bars are famous for its high ductility, bending and elongation property and for its
resistance towards corrosion, temperature, earthquake and other natural inconveniences.

Normally in India TMT bars comes with 4 grades. Fe-450, Fe-500, Fe-550, and Fe-600
with the numbers being the yield stress.
These bars contain very less percentage of phosphorous and sulphur which are harmful
for the constructions. Higher phosphorous makes the bars brittle and leads to building
cracks during cold conditions and the higher sulphur percentage can make the melting
point of bars less and which leads to the failure of the construction during any fire attacks

and other disasters which involves higher temperature.
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