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Why do we use TMT bars in construction and not others?

TMT bars are preferred for construction purpose because of many reasons. It’s unique and special properties have made it ideal for construction works. They are extensively used in different types of civil construction projects like residential buildings, high-rise commercial buildings, bridges, dams, flyovers etc that bear the weights of people and other massive things. They are used in construction purpose because of its high tensile strength which can bear the entire weight of the construction and things on it. They are famous for its high ductility, bending and elongation property and for its resistance towards corrosion, temperature, earthquake and other natural inconveniences.

The features which make it more suitable and liable for construction purpose are

1) Manufacturing Grades:

Normally in India TMT bars comes with 4 grades. Fe-450, Fe-500, Fe-550, and Fe-600 with the numbers being the yield stress. The TMT bars with more yield stress (one with the highest grade) gives the better quality and more strength and so the long-lasting structure. Lower grade bars can be used for balcony, fencing and other decorative constructions and higher ones for large RCC constructions such as roofs and floors.

2) Flexibility and Bending capacity of the bars:

TMT bars have excellent bending capacity. Due to their flexibility, they can be molded into different shapes by bending them up to an extent which ensures the modern living style.

3) Elongation property:

TMT bars are completely earthquake resistant because of its elongation property. In fact, it can elongate up to 50% more than its original length without compromising on the measurements which helps to save on the construction as well.

4) Resistance to corrosion and rust free:

TMT bars because of its corrosion free and moisture resistant property can be used in constructions along sewage drains and where it has to be dealt with water for example salinity in groundwater.

5) Thermal resistance:

The thermal resistance properties of TMT bars make them withstand any kind of fire hazard as it can bear a high degree of heat.