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Top 20 Manufacturers of TMT Bars In India | Best TMT Bars 2024

Top 10 TMT Bars Manufacturers


The construction industry in India is quickly developing, with significant infrastructure projects and residential developments happening across the country. 

Choosing the right TMT (Thermo-Mechanically Treated) bars is essential when constructing durable and reliable structures.

In this Blog, we will look at the top 20 TMT bars producers in India for 2024, as well as the important characteristics of excellent TMT bars and an explanation of the various TMT bars grades.

In this blog, we have prepared a concise list of top TMT Bars Suppliers in India for you.

Features of  best TMT bars

Thermo Mechanical Treatment Bars aka TMT bars are best steel bars made by a thermomechanical process commonly used in the field of Civil Construction. Various features of top TMT bars make them engineers’ no. 1 choice to build bridges, flyovers, dams, industrial structures, high-rise buildings, and underground platforms, among other things. 

TMT bars have a higher tensile strength and higher elongation which make them more resistant to natural disasters like earthquakes. Their high thermal stability makes them safe in the fire. They are corrosion-resistant and moisture-resistant, and safe to put in plumbing areas.

TMT steel Bars’ ductile nature is one of their most crucial characteristics. They come in different diameters like 8 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm, 16 mm, 20 mm, 25 mm, 28 mm, 32 mm, 36 mm, etc.

  • 8mm-10mm: Used in slabs and stair-ups as a load-bearing member in slab homes.
  • 12mm-25mm: Used in beams and columns to make them withstand the external load.
  • 32mm-36mm: Used in the construction of complex projects like damns and bridges.

The TMT bars Grade:

TMT bars are available in various grades, each denoting its strength and durability. Its yield strength and the amount of ductility it possesses determine the grade of a TMT bar. 

Here are the common grades of TMT bars:

  1. Fe-415: This grade of TMT bars has a yield strength of 415 N/mm². Low to medium-rise constructions with mild load-bearing requirements, such as residential buildings, often employ it.
  2. Fe-500: TMT bars with a grade of Fe-500, on the other hand, have a higher yield strength of 500 N/mm². Consequently, big construction projects that require extra strength commonly find these types of structures in use, such as when building dams, industrial buildings, and power plants.
  3. Fe-550: TMT bars of Fe-550 grade have a yield strength of 550 N/mm². Moreover, these sturdy structures find their prime purpose in tough construction tasks, such as building massive dams, industrial complexes, and powerful energy plants.
  4. Fe-600: This grade of TMT bars offers the highest yield strength of 600 N/mm². Specialized projects that demand exceptional structural integrity use it, such as nuclear power plants and critical infrastructure where safety is of utmost importance.

List of top 10 TMT Bars manufacturers from India:

Top 10 Best TMT Bars manufacturers in India are-

  1. Prime Gold Group
  2. TATA Tiscon 550 SD
  3. JSW Neosteel Fe 550D
  4. Jindal Panther Fe 550D TMT
  5. Kamdhenu Nxt
  6. SRMB 500+ SR
  8. Essar TMT Bars
  9. Vizag TMT Bars
  10. Shyam TMT Rebars Fe 500D
  11. Shree TMT Bars
  12. Electrotherm TMT Bars
  13. Indus TMT Bars
  14. Meenakshi TMT Bars
  15. Rathi TMT Bars
  16. Bhagwati TMT Bars
  17. Amman-TRY TMT Bars
  18. Sunvik TMT Bars 
  19. Bhuwalka TMT Bars 
  20. Kalliyath TMT Bars

Now, let’s see in detail why each of these top brands of TMT bar suppliers in India are well-deserved to be in the list.

    1. Prime Gold Group TMT Bars


Primegold International Limited is India’s most renowned steel manufacturer and engineers’ first choice for construction. Our TMT bars or TMT Saria are high-quality reinforcement TMT bars with unique and innovative rib patterns that ensure high strength, ductility, and bendability while meeting international quality standards. Prime Gold Group is also one of the leaders in the list of top 10 best steel manufacturers in India.

Our dedicated and skilled engineering and technical team, as well as metallurgists, are always searching for innovative ways to enable good, cost-effective & quality TMT bars, which are the most suitable TMT saria for a house or any constructional project. We make TMT bars of exceptional quality through a hot rolling process in which heated iron billets are passed through rollers of decreasing diameters. After the rolling process of our high-quality TMT rods, these TMT steel bars are passed through a water-cooling system for thermomechanical treatment after they exit the last rolling mill. The cooling system makes the TMT bars’ outer surface cooler and harder, while the inner core of these bars (Sariya) remains warm and soft. 

Prime Gold Other Supplies:

Structural Steel  Cement  S.S. Water Pipes  Wall Paints  Stainless Steel Doors

    2. TATA Tiscon 550 SD TMT Bars


TATA Tiscon is another leading brand in the country. It’s 550 Super Ductile TMT Steel Bars are made up of virgin ore and pure steel and are best suitable for earthquake-prone areas. It is India’s first GreenPro certified rebar which uses industry-leading innovative automation. It can easily carry design loads without any structural cracks and saves up to 6% on steel quantity.

    3. JSW Neosteel Fe 550D TMT Bars


JSW Neosteel pure TMT Bars are giving tough competition in the market. These are super-premium high strength and high ductility TMT re-bars O used in projects like metros, bridges, highways, etc. Due to a high value of percentage elongation, they are perfect for earthquake-prone areas. 

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    4. Jindal Panther Fe 550D TMT Bars


Jindal Panther rebars are one of the top 10 TMT steel bars (TMT Saria) suppliers. Their bars have excellent bendability and superior weldability. They save up to 4-5% on steel due to higher strength. 

    5. Kamdhenu Nxt TMT Bars


This ‘next generation interlock steel’ is manufactured with cutting-edge technology being at par with the futuristic national and international quality standards. It has an advanced thermal resistance and superior earthquake resistance giving a building a safe and secure structure. Its high ductile strength and corrosion resistance give it a longer life. 

    6. SRMB 500+ SR TMT Bars


Another top TMT bars manufacturer with greater strength and higher elongation. Its increased elasticity gives bars amazing bendability and low carbon equivalent content gives superb weldability. 

    7. SAIL TMT HCR TMT Bars


SAIL TMT high corrosion-resistant (HCR) bars are here to rule the market with their amazing qualities. It has a unique combination of high strength and high ductility which is sure to last even in coastal areas where other products fail. Alloyed with copper and chromium to impart improved corrosion-resistant properties, it takes care of concrete for a longer time.

    8. Essar TMT Bars


Essar TMT Bars provide higher strength and bring down the steel requirement in construction hence saving the cost. These are controlled to achieve a high-stress ratio at a high level of ductility which enables them to absorb high in-elastic strain energy. This makes them earthquake-resistant. 

    9. Vizag TMT Bars


Unlike the regular bars, the increase of strength is not accompanied by loss elongation in Vizag TMT Bars. Instead, they have high strength and high ductility along with being age resistant. They have suer corrosion resistance due to the absence of Eutectoid Carbides and pearlite colonies.

    10. Shyam TMT Rebars Fe 500D


One of the top 10 TMT bars suppliers in India, Shyaam TMT rebars offer high strength for critical applications and are ideal for applications in heavy load RCC structures like flyovers, dams, bridges, and other critical structures where high yield load is required without compromising on the ductility. It comes with a series of inherent advantages like consistent quality along with uniform grades, dimensions, and tolerances. It also comes with superior stability, properties for higher durability, and easy workability.

 11. Shree TMT Bars

Shree TMT manufactures high-quality TMT Bars, which are widely recognized for their exceptional strength and durability. They hold a reputable position in India as a manufacturer. Moreover, Shree TMT employs advanced manufacturing techniques and conducts rigorous quality checks to ensure its products meet industry standards.

 12. Electrotherm TMT Bars

 Electrotherm TMT Bars
Electrotherm is a renowned brand that specializes in manufacturing TMT Bars. Moreover, they have earned a strong reputation for producing TMT Bars of superior quality and reliability. Additionally, Electrotherm implements stringent quality control measures throughout the manufacturing process to deliver bars that meet the highest industry standards.

 13. Indus TMT Bars

 Indus TMT Bars
Indus is a leading player in the Indian TMT Bars manufacturing industry. Furthermore, engineers and builders prefer their TMT Bars due to their robustness and durability, as they highly regard them. Additionally, Indus TMT Bars exhibit excellent performance in diverse construction projects, showcasing their reliability and strength.

 14. Meenakshi TMT Bars

Meenakshi TMT Bars
Meenakshi TMT Bars have gained wide recognition for their exceptional quality and reliability. We manufacture these bars using cutting-edge technology and employ tight quality control techniques, ensuring excellent strength, ductility, and outstanding bonding qualities. Meenakshi TMT Bars have earned the trust of customers for their consistent performance.

 15. Rathi TMT Bars

Rathi TMT Bars
Rathi has been a trusted name in the construction steel industry for several decades. Moreover, people recognize Rathi TMT Bars for their high-quality and reliable performance. In addition, these bars undergo a meticulous manufacturing process that guarantees superior strength, excellent ductility, and optimal weldability, making them suitable for a wide range of applications.

 16. Bhagwati TMT Bars

Bhagwati TMT Bars
Bhagwati is a reputable brand that offers premium-quality TMT Bars known for their reliability and strength. Bhagwati TMT Bars manufacture using advanced technology and strict quality control measures, ensuring that they possess exceptional properties such as high strength, excellent ductility, and superior weldability.

 17. Amman-TRY TMT Bars

Amman-TRY TMT Bars
Amman-TRY is a renowned manufacturer of TMT Bars, synonymous with quality and performance. Additionally, the company adheres to strict quality standards during the manufacturing process, resulting in TMT Bars that meet industry requirements. Moreover, Amman-TRY TMT Bars are trusted by customers for their consistent quality and performance.

 18. Sunvik TMT Bars

Sunvik TMT Bars
Their TMT Bars are highly regarded for high-quality construction steel and dependable performance. These bars undergo a stringent manufacturing process that guarantees superior strength, excellent ductility, and optimal weldability. Sunvik TMT Bars are known for their reliability and suitability for various construction projects.

 19. Bhuwalka TMT Bars

Bhuwalka TMT Bars
Their exceptional quality and reliability are widely acclaimed by Bhuwalka TMT Bars. Additionally, the manufacturing process of Bhuwalka TMT Bars incorporates advanced technology and stringent quality control measures. As a result, they possess high strength, excellent ductility, and superior bonding properties. Furthermore, these bars are trusted by customers for their outstanding performance.

 20. Kalliyath TMT Bars

Kalliyath TMT Bars
Known for their premium quality and reliability, in addition, Kalliyath TMT Bars are manufactured using advanced technology and rigorous quality control measures. Consequently, these bars offer exceptional strength, excellent ductility, and superior weldability. Moreover, customers who seek high-quality construction steel favour them for their projects.

These were some of the TMT Bars (TMT Sariya/TMT Rod) that could be your go to’s for your next dream project.

Prime Gold Group is one of these top 10 TMT Bars manufacturers and suppliers of TMT steel bars in India, suitable for all types of constructions and strong foundations.

Now as you all know the best TMT Bars suppliers in India, check this for the right decision of-

How to Select The Best Tmt Bars Company In India?

Choose wisely!

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TMT Bars stand for Thermo-mechanically treated bars. It is used in the construction of any project. It is a fundamental component in building construction. They are long modified rods made by heating steel billets under extreme temperatures. They are modified bars that have more characteristics than other ordinary bars.

TMT bars are very strong and dense which supports the building structures in bearing heavy loads. They have high elasticity which makes them easily bendable and facilitates installation. TMT bar’s main feature is its durability and strength. It has a long life of approx 50-70 years. 


TMT (Thermo-Mechanically Treated) bars are a popular choice among builders and contractors in Delhi due to their high strength, durability, and corrosion resistance. They are an essential component in the construction of buildings and other structures, and it is vital to find the best quality TMT bars at the best price. Here, in this blog, we will discuss various ways to find TMT bars at the best price in Delhi.

Enhancing Building Safety and Integrity with TMT Bars

The construction industry is constantly evolving, with new materials and technologies being introduced to enhance the safety and structural integrity of buildings. One such innovation that has gained significant popularity is the use of Thermo-Mechanically Treated (TMT) bars.

These bars play a significant role in reinforcing the foundations of structures and preventing structural failures. Additionally, in this blog, we will delve into the world of TMT Bars, exploring their composition, manufacturing process, and their importance in ensuring the safety of buildings.


Bars are formally known as Reinforcement Bars. They are used in every construction. They are the fundamental component of any construction. They help to build a strong foundation.

Bars are used for reinforcement in construction. They are used to enhance the structural strength of the building construction. They have high tensile strength so that they can condone heavy loads. 

The bars provide a strong structure to the foundation. They are highly resistant to temperature. They do not shrink or expand on any temperature change. This capability prevents cracking in the construction. It provides strong support to the project.

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Construction is a complex process that involves many distinct parts. The choice of building materials is one of the most significant aspects. So as construction experts, we understand that the right building materials can make all the difference in the end result.

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Each type of cement possesses distinct characteristics that can significantly impact the success of your construction project.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore various types of cement, discussing their attributes, advantages, and finally, the most suitable applications in the construction industry.

By the end of this blog, you will have a thorough understanding of the multifaceted world of cement, empowering you to make informed decisions when selecting the ideal cement for your specific project.


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Stainless steel is a modified steel alloy. It has a unique composition of elements. It is irresistible to rust and corrosion. It has 10.5% of chromium with elements such as nickel and magnesium. It is available in different grades.  The grade depends on their composition proportion. Its main attribute is to provide high corrosion resistance.

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