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We at Prime Gold manufacture the top-grade TMT steel Bars and are one of the best TMT steel bars supplier in Gwalior. These bars (Saria) are high-strength reinforcement bars with a rigid outer core and a soft inner core.


Production Process

These bars are essential and best suitable for all construction purposes in Gwalior, so it is crucial to know how it is made. 

  • The initial step of the production process includes passing the steel wires through a rolling factory stand. These rolled steel wires are again gone through the Tempcore water cooling process. 
  • The water pressure optimizes the wires through the cooling water system. The sudden temperature change hardens the steel bar’s external layer and also, it is to make it hard and long-lasting.
  • When this cycle is completed, the TMT bars depend upon air cooling.
  • When the TMT bar chills off, it gradually becomes a ferrite-pearlite mass.

When it comes to quality TMT Bars/Rebars, there are three essential steps which include:

  • Air cooling
  • Self Tempering
  • Quenching

Features of our TMT Bars

Below are some of the main features that will help you know more about our TMT Bars Quality in Gwalior

  1. High Ductility
  2. Fire Resistant
  3. Earthquake Retardant
  4. Never Breaks

Types of TMT Steel Bars Available in Gwalior

  • Fe 415 grade – Fe 415 TMT is a profoundly financially savvy ductile reinforcement bar produced for small-scale development projects. It tends to be effortlessly bent into tricky shapes, ideal for little burden developments.

Construction Applications

Fe415 supports private homes, houses, and small-scale layouts. They have a high uniform extension and can be utilized to develop ventures in tremor-inclined districts. If construction firms require extra seismic soundness or flexibility, they may select Fe415S or Fe415D.

  • Fe 500 grade – The Fe500 grade is commonly a market standard across numerous development projects. Fe 500D and Fe 500S are likewise well-known options that offer more prominent seismic steadiness and adaptability.

Construction Applications

Fe 500 bars can be utilized across private, business and multi-story projects. They offer superior rigidity than Fe 415 and are extraordinarily made to give security to elevated structure projects while opposing burdens better.

Also, Fe 500D bars offer more flexibility, making them ideal for construction in regions with high seismic action and hasty burdens. They have the least rate prolongation of 16%, contrasted with Fe 500’s at a standard 12%.

  • Fe 550 grade – Fe, 550-grade bars, have superior elasticity and can be utilized across huge-scale ventures.

Construction Applications

Construction acquisition supervisors can source Fe 550 grade TMT while creating modern and massive configuration framework projects.

Industrial tasks, bridges, and constructions requiring high burden-bearing capabilities can use Fe 550 grade TMT. They’re particularly effective in marine, coastal and underground conditions also.

  •  Fe 600 grade – Fe 600 offers superior rigidity, decreases general utilization, and guarantees lesser steel clog inside the support. The best part is that it is one of the most grounded TMT grades. All the development firms can get while growing substantial infrastructure projects, marine options, bridges, etc.

Construction Applications

Fe 600 might be utilized to develop interstates, metro projects, plants, towers, business properties, and modern zones. They’re used widely when huge-scale projects should be created, keeping load-bearing, solidness, and erosion obstruction as a top priority.

Nature Of TMT Steel Bars

The nature of TMT Rebars (Saria) relies upon the three main elements:

  • Nature of raw components
  • A quality framework for tempering and quenching
  • The quality rolling mill that provides the uniform and legitimate shape for all rebars

Why Choose Prime Gold Saria / TMT Bars ?

As a manufacturing supplier of TMT Bars, Prime Gold is among the top brands that provide the best quality TMT Bars/ Rebars. To bring the best to the table, we have used fine raw materials to create the best quality TMT Bars that are safe to use while constructing solid buildings.

If, in any case, you are looking for the best TMT Bars manufacturer in Gwalior, you can reach out to us. We are here to help you by providing the best quality TMT Bars for your building.

Manufacturing of TMT Bars in Prime Gold

  • Prime gold is the leading producer of TMT bars and we provide you with the best and strongest TMT Bars with the refined process which includes: 

    • Mining 
    • Blast furnace
    • Purification
    • Billets 
    • Rolling Mill
    • Tmt Bundle


FAQs Sariya

To identify the quality of the TMT Bars, bend the bar at 180° & and notice the rebar’s behaviour. Sariya shouldn’t break or crack. Twist the bar at 135° and see the behaviour of the rebar.

 TMT bars?


  • Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC)
  • Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC) or
  • Pozzolana Slag Cement (PSC

Rebars or TMT bars are used for house construction in large extent in Ajmer and other constructional projects as well. In enormous constructions, TMT bars / Saria are used to construct pools and dams. These are used to give strength to the building.

It seems to turn out for metals but not for TMT steel bars. The holding nature of the steel bar and concrete diminishes by painting the TMT steel. It is because the surface becomes smooth, which impacts the genuineness of the construction.

TMT bars have high weldability, low corrosion rates and high lifetime, which guarantees that less steel is required to make the bars. For the most part, the arrangement interaction of TMT bars saves 20% more steel than other steel constructs.